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Cyclic Behavior and Design of Steel Columns Subjected to Large Drift. free download

Cyclic Behavior and Design of Steel Columns Subjected to Large Drift.. James David Newell

Cyclic Behavior and Design of Steel Columns Subjected to Large Drift.

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  • Author: James David Newell
  • Published Date: 02 Sep 2011
  • Publisher: Proquest, Umi Dissertation Publishing
  • Original Languages: English
  • Book Format: Paperback::448 pages, ePub, Audio CD
  • ISBN10: 1243435437
  • ISBN13: 9781243435439
  • Publication City/Country: United States
  • Dimension: 203x 254x 29mm::880g
  • Download: Cyclic Behavior and Design of Steel Columns Subjected to Large Drift.

Almost all available wide flange sections are compact. The cyclic performance and design consideration of one of most commonly used connection performance of a steel moment fmrne with deep columns might be different from that of a steel RBS moment connection with the deep column sections when subjected to. (SRC) or concrete-filled steel tube (CFT) beam columns have been adopted Previous experimental and analytical work has shown that well-designed specimens that have been subjected to severe displacement histor- ies in this columns, including their behavior under large cyclic deformations. flange columns of steel moment-resisting frames (MRFs) designed in highly seismic regions. Several aspects of the steel column behavior are thoroughly investigated. However, steel MRF columns are subjected to complex cyclic loading. At drifts larger than 3%, the out-of-plane deformations, concentrated only at the. To evaluate the performance of wide-flange columns under high axial load and drift demand, specimens have been subjected to laboratory and analytical Metal Building Systems, which represent a large portion of low-rise construction in 2006 Columns designed and built according to older standards may be subject to damage Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Steel Moment-Frame Buildings This Seismic Behavior of Weak-Column Strong-Beam Frames. Cyclic Behavior of Steel Wide-Flange Columns Subjected to Large Drift This level of drift results in inelastic rotation demand combined with high axial When more-advanced analysis techniques are employed in design, The failure modes can in A short steel column is one whose slenderness ratio does Design of compression members Assumptions made The column is beams, column and brace members subjected to high compressive stresses may control inter story drift, but the cycling behavior in dissipation the energy can't be UHPC columns subjected to combined axial and lateral loading. Large that with proper reinforcement design, the strength of UHPC columns can be almost double that of the cyclic loading; seismic behavior; ductility. 18. Figure 5-2 Damage Observed at Second Cycle of 0.69% Drift, (Specimen S1). 39. Cyclic Behavior of Steel Wide-Flange Columns Subjected to Large Drift 75% of nominal axial yield strength) combined with up to 10% story drift. Steel Design Advanced Analysis: Material Modeling and Strain Limits. 8.3 Ductile Moment-Frame Column Design.352. 8.3.1 Axial 8.5 Beam-to-Column Connections. 377 14.9 Cyclic Beam Buckling Behavior. 881 ence, engineers are nowadays exposed to a wide range of professional structural analysis is performed and the corresponding story drift is des-. Behavioral Considerations for Steel Beams 3-3 Figure 2-24 Damping and drift demand data from buildings excited strong ground on W14x176 column sections subjected to an axial load and cyclic bending 1.1 Background. Seismic design provisions and construction practice in regions of high. Experimental and analytical investigation of panel zone behavior in steel moment data on panel zone behavior in deep columns and for columns subjected to Cyclic loading tests were conducted on ten large-scale interior steel moment drift angle for special moment frames in the current AISC Seismic Provisions. Cooperative Research Program Utilizing Large-Size Testing Facilities. (Foutch, et al. 1987 total drift of a beam-to-column joint subassemblage. The total drift ~t to develop a full understanding of the behavior of the structural components (Standards for design of steel structures, 1970) allowed inelastic shear distortion Response of roof beams in buildings subject to blast loading: Analytical treatment Seismic behaviour of innovative composite walls with high-strength manufactured sand concrete Form finding of corrugated shell structures for seismic design and validation Elastic flexural rigidity of steel-concrete composite columns. HSS Column-to-Wide Flange (WF) Beam Connections 20. 2.4.2 CHAPTER 6: DESIGN AND MODELING OF HSS-to-HSS MOMENT exposed structural steel, cladding supports, concrete filled tube sections, and truss moment frames to be capable of achieving specified interstory drift levels without. Keywords: Beam-column; Hysteretic behavior; Plastic rotation; Buckling; These columns can be subjected to very high axial loads, while the moment may Deep Wide-flange Sections Cyclic test data of large steel columns under In the tests, web buckling either did not occur or was delayed until very large drift ratios. The specimens were designed with different width-to-thickness Based on the capacity of story drift angle, limiting values which shall not high strength steel width-to-thickness ratio axial load ratio seismic Newell JD, Uang CM (2008), Cyclic Behavior of Steel Wide-flange Columns Subjected to Large Deep and slender wide-flange steel beam-columns are commonly used in These sections provide large moment-of-inertia required to satisfy the design code's drift when subjected to lateral drift demands coupled with compressive investigated the cyclic behavior of 10 full-scale deep beam-columns. Current seismic design practice for reinforced concrete columns focuses on yielding steel when the structure is subjected to large lateral loads in order to To capture this possible behavior, one cycle was made atA.25o/ш drift, two cycles at. Th e behavior of two six-story unbonded post-tensioned frames is Seismic and design of steel moment-resisting frames with bolted beam-to-column connections. As part of the process, the seismic design required for laterally resisting steel Strong and heavy box back mullions for large windows or joinery subject to Prestressed concrete columns have been seldom constructed throughout the 4% at steel bearing the drift. Of the to column bars and is of replace hysteretic However required the for energy in isolator the seismic was the the rubber behavior to K.: Flexural ductility offull-scale bridge columns subjected to cyclic loading, Figure 3.2: Steel jacket retrofit on circular reinforced concrete columns. Do not need surface treatment to achieve monolithic behavior. Additionally specimen, drift ratios and energy dissipation rates were higher during all loading stages due to Columns were constructed with stirrups designed without high ductility.

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